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Dive Sites


The Tugboat is one of the most well-known snorkeling and dive spots in Curacao. It is situated on the island’s southwest part in a sheltered and shallow water, the most photographed wreck of the island. Despite that it is an industrial area the dive spot is beautiful. The wreck is covered by corals and sponges and it gives home to a variety of colorful reef fish. The top of the wreck is at a depth of only 1 metre, while its deepest point is at a depth of 5 metres. This means that it also a great site for snorkelers. The wreck is more than just something nice to explore. It also attracts many different type of fish and is permanently inhabited by blue tangs, yellow goatfish, trumpetfish, cornet fish. With some luck you will also see seahorses or frogfish there.

Director’s Bay

The name of this big beach is derived from the fact that in the past it was reserved for use by the directors of Shell, who owned land here. The shellow shelf is narrow and has a sand floor. The drop-off is located close to the shoreline at a depth of 6 metres, from where the reef immediately drops steeply to a depth of 45 metres. There are a number of sand gullies where you can find a remarkable amount of marine life. The area around the drop-off is a home to many sponges, colonies of yellow pencil coral and giant anemones.

Superior Producer

One of Curaçao’s most popular dive sites, and one of the Caribbean's top wrecks is the Superior Producer, located near Curaçao Main Pier. Diving is prohibited if a cruise liner is moored at the Megapier, because the wreck is located in the mooring zone. The dive can be started underwater or from the surface. A combination of great depth and currents that can be very strong makes this dive site a good place for the advanced divers. The Superior Producer rests on a sandy floor close to the Double Reef. It rests virtually upright on its kneel and only lists slightly towards port. The depth of the sand floor here is 34 metres. The depth on the dock of the vessel is 25 metres and on the superstructure is 17 metres.

Double Reef

This dive site starts at the wreck of Superior Producer and continues until well after the desalination plant. The reef consists of fan coral, yellow pencil coral and many small, round brain coral formations. It is home to many fish species, knobby anemones and giant anemones. Varios types of cleaner shrimp live in the anemones and in small hollows in the reef.

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